Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not dead yet Halloween special

This is just a quickie post to let everyone know I'm not dead yet (just in case anyone was wondering from my lack of posting over the last couple of weeks) and, to show off our Halloween costumes for this year. We attended a party hosted by one of my bosses, who is married to one of Andrew's PhD committee members. They pick a theme for their Halloween parties and everyone is encourage to dress up around it. The theme this year was come dressed as if you were from space.

At first I really wanted to do a LeeLoo costume (from The Fifth Element), but I couldn't come up with any ideas of how to do her suspenders. Andrew and I both haphazardly pondered over what we could do during the next few weeks without coming up with anything to commit to. Time passed, then to our great dismay it was October 27th and we didn't have, what about Firefly? That could be fun. At first I thought I might do Saffron, her first costume was rather simple, just a peasant-type dress, an apron and a shawl, but well, to make a long story short that fell through. By this point, Andrew had visited our local costume show (Theatre Garage at 10575-115 St) and procured the necessities to do Mal, and I still had nothing.

While at the mall (sitting in The Bay, actually, where Andrew had located suitable boots for his outfit), I decided to go for Zoe. It was fairly simple, brown pants, green shirt, black boots, a few accessories and bam!
I'm kind of smiling here (I'm not sure Zoe smiles when she shoots people or ever), yet I think it's pretty good picture.
I think this is a great 'Malcolm Reynolds' shot.
Now if only we had a Jayne...
Andrew and I have both agreed that in future years, once we've settled and own a house, we're going to hold annual Halloween parties. I love dressing up (and Andrew does to), and I think adults need more opportunities to play make believe.



btw...Andrew did cut his hair just for this.

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