Monday, December 20, 2010

First NHL hockey game ever: and yes, I am Canadian

It took a bunch of Germans to get Andrew and I out to our first NHL hockey last Thursday night (December 16th). It's the first hockey game I've been to in a very, very long time (so long that I have no idea when, and frankly if, I've ever attended a game). We sat way up in the nosebleeds. So far into the nosebleeds that we were actually in the last row of all of Rexall Place. Yeah. But you know what? We could see everything up there. And it's not like I needed to be close enough to smell the sweat or hear the teams cussing at each other (assuming they do, I have no idea). I actually, had a great time. I always assumed that if I went to a hockey game in person and found myself as a part of the crowd I would get into it, and I definitely did.

Shot of centre ice as we waited for the game to begin.
Puck drop to start the game.
The biggest problem is that we (Andrew and I) don't really know the rules. I mean we know the basics. Shoot the puck in the opposite net, don't kill the opposing team while trying to prevent them from scoring on you, but I have no knowledge of the actual nitty gritty of what deserves a penalty and what doesn't. I can barely keep the rule for icing in my head, although I know it's similar to the rule for offside in soccer--which I also can't remember even though I played soccer all summer. I'm sure the people in front of us must have thought we were idiots as we tried to explain what we thought might be the rules to our companions. Oh well.

The lovely Andrew, and our companions for the game.
My ticket.
For our first NHL game ever, we weren't disappointed. First off, the Oilers beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 6 to 3--a solid victory. I completely missed the second Oiler's goal because I was busy watching a player who had tripped (or been tripped?) soar across the ice. A fight broke out within the first 10 minutes of the first period. Friends of mine who were also at the game explained that the Oilers player involved in the fight (Stortini) is the team 'enforcer' and it's basically mandatory for him to throw off the gloves once game. And I found myself really wanting to see Taylor Hall score a goal. He didn't, but got 3 assists instead.

If I get the chance, I'll probably go again sometime. I enjoyed myself and the crowd atmosphere in Rexall, with everyone pulling for the Oilers--it's a lot of fun.



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