Monday, January 17, 2011

Much ado about nothing

It would seem that my 2011 is off to a slow start. Considering the things I've seen friends posting on the Facebook and Twitter accounts, I suppose this is a good thing. I am healthy and no one I know has died/lost a job/been diagnosed with something, etc. The only trepidation my slow start has caused me is that I haven't much to report on my little blog. I went to work every day last week, skated on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, edited my manuscript on each of the nights as I was home, and we had a couple of friends over for dinner on Saturday night. Everything's been perfectly ordinary, which given the flooding in Australia, the mudslides in Brazil, the political turmoil in Tanisia, and all the other strife in the world, I shall not complain.

Instead, I will look forward to what is coming: lots of skating this week (junior and senior nationals are underway in Victoria, BC), there's a perogy dinner next Friday night (Jan 28th), Andrew and I will be going out for dinner and a concert the Friday after that (Feb 4th), I'm attending a conference in Vancouver mid-February, I'll be baking another wedding cake in March, my 30th birthday is in April, and much more (including ESO concerts, the first of which I believe is sometime in February). I might be off to a slow start this year, but I'll have plenty to comment on later. So perhaps for now I should relax? Or at least, I should be happy to be busy with the little things I do. Maybe I'll spend my next few blog posts talking about the ordinary things until something extra-ordinary takes place.



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