Monday, June 13, 2011

Quicky cake post

While I'm still composing my actual blog post, I've tossed up a few pictures of the dummy cake I put together at a 3-day cake decorating course I took from NAIT (Northern Alberta Institue of Technology)--tonight being the final night. I signed up for the course months ago (they fill up fast), even so, I had no idea of what I was going to do until the second class (the first class was spent covering the cakes with the fondant, so no decorating happened). My plans hit a few bumps along the way (a bronze colour that turned out orange, black sponging that ended up all over my hands--and green to boot) and if you look real close, you can see icing oozing out under the pieces.

The quick sketch for my cake plan that I put together last Monday on my lunch break.
The top two layers as the were at the end of the second class. At this point I was convinced this was going to turn out as the fuggliest cakewreck I'd ever made (Why yes, I did just reference my two favourite blogs in a single sentence).
My gears. They took forever to make. All I had were circular stamps so I cut out a bunch of circles, then used a smaller circle to take out the ridges for the gears.
Top view of the cake. The clock face was partially drawn on with plain black colouring. I didn't have a paint brush (I used  the pointed tip of a flower tool, actually), so it was a bit tricky.
Partial side view of the cake. You can catch a glimps of some of the gears I made, and the boarder I dressed up with little circles I cut to look like screws.
More of the gears cascading down the side and a slightly better look at the boarders done in silver and gold.
Full side shot of the four tiers.

It turned out okay in the end (although not as beautiful as I'd hoped), but I seriously thought I had a full-on cakewreck on my hands.



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