Monday, January 9, 2012

I haven't posted in a while.


I haven't had much of interest to post about, but I thought I would at least write to say: I AM ALIVE.

Well, I am alive and it's now 2012. So, does that mean anything in particular? No. Not really. Sure, there are a couple of new things on my plate, but other than that things are pretty much operating as usual.

I'm finally the official librarian at work. I've been the only librarian in my group for almost a year now, so nothing really changes except the title under my name on the sign outside my cubicle. I also get more pay and more vacation. Definite bonuses, but in the grand scheme of things, everything is still the same.

I'm planning to participate in a triathlon in June. Just the sprint level (750 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run), nothing major. Since my IT band doesn't seem to like long distance runs I've given up on the half and full marathon idea, but I feel I'm still capable of endurance sports so I thought this might be a nice compromise. Plus, I actually enjoy swimming, and biking is still one of my favourite things to do on a temperate day with minimal wind and the Alberta blue sky appears to go on forever.

And I'm still writing. Okay. So I haven't written much in the last two weeks (I think Christmas holidays is something of a misnomer, what I experienced was not a holiday or relaxing), but I'm back at it now that I'm home. I'm still fixing up Cimwai, but I hope to submit it soon. I've also started watching my email and snail mail for responses from Tor regarding Nora, even though it's way too early.

That's about it for me.



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