Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reaching for the stars, our first aerialist performance to Gustav Holst

This performance actually took place this past June, but I only got the video yesterday. Andrew and I participated in Firefly Theater's annual Let There Be Height fundraiser cabaret. We were first in the show order, which was good for a couple of reasons: 1) I didn't go nuts with anxiety waiting to go on; and 2) because we were pretty beginner and most of the audience didn't have expectations for what was to come, so we seemed impressive.

The theme of the show was Space, so we decided to perform to selections from the Jupiter movement of Gustav Holst's Plants Symphony. We had two really rough rehearsals (I got all tangled in one move during the tech, then we fell in our lift at the end during the dress), so we were really pleased to have hit both our performances. This video came from the Saturday night show, during which we weren't quite in sync, but thankfully there were no Russians on the judging panel...or rather that there was no judging panel at all.

We performed a multi-trapeze number with our class as well, but as there were other people performing in it, and I'm pretty sure the music is still copyrighted, I won't post it here.

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