Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Grimm is like BTVS, and I'm okay with that

I've fallen off the blogging wagon over the last two weeks. As most of my real-life friends, and anyone on Twitter probably knows by now, the hubby and I are moving to Boston in little more than a month and a half--so, we've been busy. I haven't had much time to write at night, instead it's been packing and planning, then planning and packing. I've got a big long ranty post three quarters complete, I just haven't had the brain power to get through the last push to complete it.

So, consider this an interlude.

Cue dancing bears, or the Canteena Band, or whatever. I'm going to talk about television. I don't do this often, the hubby and I don't even own a television, we haven't had one for several years. We're one of the many people who watch our shows online (and that's all of three), and one of those shows is Grimm (NBC in the US, CTV in Canada).

Grimm is more-or-less a procedural crime show that involves Grimm fairy tale creatures. The hubby and I both enjoyed it from the get-go last season. It has an interesting cast of characters, an intriguing premise, and the more it runs, the more of the complicated back story is revealed. And I think it's pretty much the new Buffy (admittedly without the Joss Whedonspeak) and here's how the characters match up:

Nick Burkhardt is a Grimm, (aka The Chosen One). He doesn't have any special powers like Buffy did (okay, he can see vessin for what they really are, but that's what gets him into trouble), but the safety of Portland and ostensibly the world, rests on his shoulders.

Monroe is a warewolf, or in Grim-speak a blutbad. He's got a definite bromance going on with Nick, and fills the obvious place of Oz (and also provides the occasional amusing quip), although crosses over into Giles territory as Nick's first adviser into the world of vessin.

Hank Griffin is Nick's all to human partner in the Portland homicide department. His lack of special-ness, but willingness to throw himself into the fray makes him a perfect Xander stand-in. He's the definite zeppo of the group, but we love him anyway.

Rosalee Calvert is a fuchsbau (or warefox) and runs the local vessin Spice Shop (aka Magic Box), which also conveniently contains a large collection of ancient reference books. She makes a good (also straight) Willow. Although she doesn't possess any magical powers, she's proven herself adept at mixing tinctures for any occasion.

Captain Renard is...well that would be a spoiler, but in my mind he fits the Angel persona. He's brooding and secretive, and he might be good, or not, but he's definitely got a past.

Sargent Wu is very capable member of the Portland PD, and so I'm going to liken him to Riley Flinn for his ability to run down a suspect with ease, and for being a sensible cop who follows procedures. He also gets his share of witty remarks.

Adalind Shade is a hexenbiest  (or essentially a witch) and I would map her to Amy rather than Willow (although possibly Willow when she's addicted). Again, due to plot spoilers I can't go into my reasoning behind this.

There's even a Jonathan equivalent in the Grimm world and that's Bud Wurstner the chronically nervous eisbiber (mole man). He seems to have a knack for appearing frightened and helpless, but actually turns out to be a solid trooper in the second season.

The trailer, it's bigger on the inside...(oh wait, that's another verse crossing...) is another good storage point for books and weapons, making it comparable to the library or the Magic Box.

The only character I don't have a good BTVS match for is Nick's girl friend Juliet Silverton. She might earn the label of Ana in the season to come, but I'll have to wait and see.

So there, that's how I see Grimm in the Buffyverse. It's really a fun show. I've been impressed with the writing and the underlying story that's been slowly playing out since the first season. I'm hoping it will continue to grow in the next year, and possibly move farther out of the episodic nature it's still using to structure it's continuing plot around.


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