Saturday, March 1, 2014

A short story project for Lent

Last year during Lent I completed a self-reflective exercise, looking at my character flaws, and also considering my thoughts around work fulfillment. I'm not planning to do that again this year. I hope I haven't developed more flaws...and I'm not sure how well I've managed to over come the ones I identified last year.

Instead, I was thinking about doing a short story project. I'd aim for two short posts a week (between 250-500 words), starting this week, and going until Easter (April 20th--yeah, it's really late this year).

The slight hitch in my current plan is I don't have a story idea yet. No characters, no plot, nothing. So, I'd love suggestions! I'm not looking to make this religious or a self-discovery journey, it's meant only to exercise my writing skills. I'm willing to go for comedy, tragedy, romance, speculative, young adult, or older adult, whatever!

If you have a suggestion, feel free to comment here or on Facebook, or even Twitter, if that's how you'd prefer to correspond.

Then I'll see what I can come up with.




Gregory Taylor said...

Sounds a bit like a serial! Except with no requirement for each instalment to stand on it's own. As to what you should choose - if you're looking to exercise the skills, maybe try something you haven't tried much of before? As I recall, you recently stretched yourself on the romantic side. How about suspense or mystery, which I only really mention because you didn't?

Alternatively, pick something more familiar but try writing it in a different manner. Like from a male perspective, or the perspective of a piece of furniture, or in first person plural or something. Really, it has to come down to what you want to try out, otherwise you may lose interest or focus.

Andrea Milne said...

A bit like a serial, but only to be 6 weeks long. I was thinking about doing a short piece from one of my neglected, unfinished manuscripts. So either an anti-hero female who can fly, or a dystopian world with a male protagonist.