Thursday, December 4, 2008

A brief thought on the political news of today...

I have to admit, I'm disappointed that the Governor General has granted Stephen Harper's request to prorogue parliament. Being an ABC (Anything But Conservative) girl I took to the idea of a coalition government like my cat Tabitha to a left out ball of wool. I won't go into the details myself, there are many bloggers more competent on government issues than myself. I just wanted to add my opinion to the vast space that is the Internet. For now I'll just cross my fingers that the coalition will be able to stick together and defeat the government in the new year.




Cape-Freak said...

I'm also disappointed. Especially since one of the previous governor generals has basically said that wouldn't have granted the request to prorogue since it's being done basically solely as an attempt to avoid losing the confidence vote.


S. Andrea Milne said...

Hm. We'll see, now that Dion has stepped down maybe the Liberal party can stop their internal bickering and get on with things. I've heard Ignatieff was not a coalition supporter...We'll just have to see.