Monday, March 9, 2009

Balcony garden 2009: Day 17

I felt really busy over the weekend and for some reason the thought of taking the time to write up a short blog entry on how our garden was doing seemed impossible. (In fact, I didn't leave my apartment from Friday afternoon (~3:00 pm) straight through to Sunday night (~6:30 pm) so why I couldn't spare the time is beyond me.) I thought I had better provide a quick update before next weekend as all kinds of things are growing in our little planters.

The sweet peas (which I frequently mistake for being green beans...) are growing like crazy. I sometimes wonder, if I sat long enough, could I actually see them growing? They have little shoots that coil themselves around the trellis to hold themselves up. In my mind they're like alien growths shooting out and grabbing on to things. Pretty cool.

Carrots. They're coming. They're pretty tiny right now and we've had to weed a bunch out so they'd have room.

The radishes don't appear to be ready yet, despite the fact that the package said it would only take them 2 weeks to grow. I tried to dig one up on Saturday to see if they were ready and well...I couldn't find anything. I guess that means they're not ready.

We've got wee little strawberries growing. I'd guess about half of the plants we sowed have broken the surface so far, I hope the remaining plants will succeed as well. It will be sometime before they're ready to transplant outside.

Finally, the tomatoes are coming along swimmingly. I'm not sure if we're going to let them all grow, or if we'll pitch some of them. I guess it depends on whether or not I can find some rhubarb to plant in our second planter.



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