Friday, March 27, 2009

A quick note before heading off for Ontario for the weekend

This afternoon Andrew and I have a flight to catch that will take us first to Calgary and then on to Hamilton. My friend Caroline is getting married on Saturday afternoon. I suspect this will be one of the bigger and fancier weddings I'll ever attend, as I've heard the expected guest list is around 200 people. That and last Christmas (i.e. 2007) Caroline was already receiving fine crystal as wedding/engagement gifts.

Before that; however, I need to get done as much homework as possible and then I have to skate my preliminary freeskate test--as long as the judge stays on time. If I wasn't already a little nervous about completing a test in front of a judge it's compounded by the time crunch issue. Originally the test was set for Wednesday afternoon and was switched to today. From what I understand, there were too many skaters for the amount of time that was available on Wednesday.

I'm sure I'll be okay. I have actually passed this test once before, when I was twelve or so. And I'm inclined to think I've improved since then. I'm not worried about my jumps, but I'm a little concerned about my spins. They can be dicey. My upright spin will be fine, but all the camel will be okay too, as long as I get up into the position. The sit, well, I can't get it onto the right edge (which hopefully new blades will fix) and the back make me a little nervous just thinking about it.

Right. That homework I'm suppose to be doing. Better go.



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