Thursday, April 9, 2009

Freedom tastes like celery and cottage wait, that's victory

I've been planning that blog title for a while, it amuses and at this point, that's all that matters. Today everything is done. For school that is, for now. Until I start my spring class in less than a month.

As a point of fact, I actually like both celery and cottage cheese--as long as the celery isn't too bitter...and I could eat cottage cheese by the tub-full.

Tonight I'm going to get back to writing...after I've exercised, walked the cat and washed the dishes. I'm also going to start twittering my process. I'll see if I can get the twitter posts connected up with here.

That's all I've got to say for now. I'll make a proper post later this weekend, maybe.



**The celery + cottage cheese = victory statement comes from a deleted scene from the movie Miss Congeniality. Miss New Jersey: "Do you know what celery and cottage cheese tastes like? Victory"


Lisa said...

Oh no, you've gone over to the dark side! You've joined twitter!

I love that you walk Tabitha. That's awesome.

S. Andrea Milne said...

I'm just trying Twitter out, to see if I can track my writing process. We'll see if I keep it up. And Tabitha meows incessantly if we don't take her out when the weather it good.