Friday, November 7, 2008

Extending the dates

Three of my most recent assignments have been granted extended deadlines and I wonder whether or not this practice really helps. In the past I've always aimed for the original dates assigned regardless. And for the first of the assignments, a podcast, I have already handed it in as scheduled. The remaining projects are essays and to be honest I'm not too far along with either of them. So guess what I'll be doing with my weekend. Homework. Research. Preparation for these essays. Even though the dates have been pushed back, I'm not sure I want to have them hanging over my head for another weekend yet to come. And I can only guess for those who tend to procrastinate that they'll just put off the work for another week. So does anyone really win here? I suppose, for those who accidentally let things slip away they find themselves with a reprieve. For me, however, at this point in the semester I just want to get everything done and over with, which is what I'll be aiming for this weekend.



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