Monday, November 24, 2008

What was that zipping sound? Oh it was my weekend flying by

This weekend my sister-in-law Margaret visited us. She lives in Victoria, but was in Calgary due to her job and so came up to visit us before heading home. This was fine. We had a good time, aided by the fact that it's unseasonably warm here in Edmonton. We went to the Ooddle Noodle Box for some delicious MSG, then walked most of Whyte Ave during the afternoon. I got a new pair of cute (and extremely warm) Merrell boots and we visited a few stores we'd never been into before. Margaret and her husband, Stephen, are into Tiki and as it turns out there are places along Whyte where you can buy Tiki mugs etc (hence the new stores we'd never been into before). We enjoyed dinner at the Blue Plate Diner in the evening--despite having to wait half an hour or so to get a table. We played a couple of games after we got home and went for another walk on Sunday afternoon.

And then it was Sunday night. Not that visits aren't great, they are, but man do they eat up a weekend. And our regular schedule gets mixed up. Like groceries. We didn't get any until after dinner and we only got what was absolutely necessary. I also didn't get a lot of writing done. A little on Friday and some more Sunday night. I'm currently working on pencil and paper, so I don't know what my word count it up to. Oh and don't forget the studying I didn't do (or at least didn't do very much of).

So, zip went the weekend. And zip, my week is going. It's adult time where there isn't enough time to do half of the stuff you want to compared to kid time, where counting down thirty days till Christmas feels more like a year. Ack.



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