Sunday, February 22, 2009

Balcony garden 2009: Day 1

Last year Andrew and I attempted to grow stuff on our balcony. It worked, somewhat. We had a lot of delicious green onions and various other herbs. Our peas grew well initially then got fried in the sun and nothing else worked. We decided that we would try again this year and, perhaps foolishly, expand the operation.

Above are our strawberry plant starters. The seeds are minuscule and they have to grow indoors for 10-12 weeks before we can move them outside. We planted thirty-two seeds altogether as we have planters that hold thirty-two plants. I hope we have enough crop so that I can try making jam. The three cartons at the bottom of the picture are tomatoes--for Andrew. Although, if we have any success I might try making some tomato sauce or something.

These planters contain peas (in the back row), carrots (they fill up the planter in the back, and just the middle row in the one in the front) and radishes. The variety of radishes we purchase are suppose to grow in two weeks, so we could harvest our first vegetables in just fourteen days. Carrots take 50-60 days, but if they work out, we might be able to grow a second crop.

I'll report on our garden as it progresses.



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