Monday, February 2, 2009


Our apartment is being fumigated tomorrow. This is seriously uncool. We received a notice yesterday, which Andrew found half-hidden under our front hall mat. One of our neighbours found "dead" cockroaches. I've put dead in quotations since the notice was a pre-made form and who really knows what was really found in the offending apartment. So now we have to move everything in our apartment away from the walls, remove all of our dishes from the cupboards and cover them, and empty all closets. We have to be out of our apartment by nine tomorrow morning and we can't return until after six, possibly not until eight in the evening.

Neither humans nor animals can be in our apartment for at least nine hours. Thankfully Mandy has agreed to help us out here. She's permitting us to sneak Tabitha into her apartment for the day. This also means that one of us needs to stay with our kitty while she's in Mandy's apartment to make sure she doesn't destroy anything. Andrew's going to stay in the morning while I'm at class, then I'll take over in the afternoon so he can go to the University and try to do some experimentation. I have to miss work--but on the upside I can spend sometime on homework. At least this will make up for some of the time I've lost due to preparing our apartment.

Things could be worse, I know. But it still sucks. We've got a ton of stuff in our apartment and we have to pack it all up. It's like moving, except we're not.

Oh and to make things even better, last night one of our neighbours came over and asked to borrow our vacuum cleaner. Andrew lent it to them, he is a nice person after all. We discovered this morning that those neighbours were the ones with the infestation. Nice huh? Now we could have cockroaches in our vacuum cleaner or worse, they could actually be crawling around our apartment. Seriously, who thinks it's okay to borrow someone else's vacuum cleaner when they had cockroaches in their apartment. Grr. It's very uncharitable of me, but I kinda hope they get evicted. They're smokers too.

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