Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life's slow right now: very exciting post options

I think I should post about something, just so people don't think I've given up on blogging, but I'm not sure what. I could write about:

1) What I did this weekend, (cleaned apartment, shopped [new skating clothing and equipment to try to grow more stuff on our balcony], ate and drank lots of delicious things for Valentine's Day, watched Get Smart [it was okay], had guests for Sunday dinner)
2) Some of the resent plotting going on with my UFO MS
3) Describe some of my recent and unusual dreams, or
4) How I plan to spend reading week doing homework

Hm. Very exciting options, I know. I suppose I could also lie. Make up something super fabulous to make my life sound more interesting, or I could try to find a just cause to rant about and make this blog more than just chatter on the internet. I'm not sure I'm ambitious enough for that last option.

I'll think about it.



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